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Security Team resuscitates toddler

Securecorp's Team who resuscitated toddler at Westfield Garden CityCongratulations to our amazing security team at Westfield Garden City. Our security team was recently awarded a commendation for attending to a First Aid incident where a 14-month-old baby had stopped breathing and had no pulse after choking. Our team cleared the toddlers airways and performed CPR whilst waiting for emergency services. By the time the ambulance had arrived the toddler was breathing again. The paramedics praised the team saying that the toddler would not be alive had they not responded in the manner that they did. Securecorp could not be prouder of our team members for their efforts during this incident. Another example of the important role that our security officers play in our community. Well done team!

L-R: Securecorp Business Manager Dan Story, Security Team: Ken, Shannon, Kylie, William and Westfield Regional Risk and Security Manager, Leata Hunter.

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