Cleaning & Integrated Services


Professional Cleaning Services delivered with Reliability, Integrity and Results

Managed Cleaning Solutions

Delivering leading edge, results driven, and professional cleaning services to Australian retail, commercial, government, business, aviation, and education sectors.

Securecorp Cleaning offers the following core services:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Rapid Response
  • Covid-19 Specialised Cleaning
  • Support Services  

Innovative Products & SERVICES

As a member of the Securecorp Group of companies, Securecorp Cleaning shares the same commitment to maximising efficiencies, and enhancing the effectiveness and transparency of our services through innovation. We are committed to identifying, trialling, and implementing innovative cleaning technologies and methods.

Securecorp Cleaning considers your individual site's needs and recommends solutions tailored to suit your budget and the facility's requirements. We believe in the philosophy that there is never a one solution fits all approach.

We specialise in COVID-19 cleaning services, offering the very latest in innovative products and solutions for preventative treatments, return to work/business cleaning and decontamination cleaning.

With a suite of robotic, automated and preventative cleaning solutions being rolled out to clients across Australia, contact Securecorp Cleaning today to discuss how our solutions can be tailored to your needs, helping to drive efficiencies and cost savings.  

Sustainability – Clean and Green

Dedicated towards a healthy and sustainable future, Securecorp Cleaning aims to minimise our impact on the environment in all aspects of our service delivery. Offering a green approach across our cleaning services, we are committed to minimising waste by using materials, substances and equipment that are environmentally friendly, prevent pollution and have minimal impact on the environment. We are at the forefront of new products, technology, and innovations that continue to improve our sustainability offerings.

Policies, Procedures & Training

Securecorp Cleaning is dedicated to health and safety. We implement stringent policies, procedures, and training on the safe handling of chemicals and equipment to ensure healthy and safe workplaces. Our tailored staff training is delivered during induction programs, through on-site familiarisation training and via ongoing refresher training courses. Our message of safety is further reinforced with monthly toolbox meetings addressing OH&S issues and operational matters.

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