Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring

Combining advanced technology with specialised professionals

Securecorp uses the world’s best monitoring technology and a team of specialists to  deliver the highest standards of monitoring.

We monitor and respond to intruder, medical, fire, duress and equipment alarms in residential, commercial and government properties by developing customised security monitoring and reporting solutions to meet your specific needs.  Your customised response plan will be activated immediately in the event of an irregularity to mitigate any risks.

Our fully licensed Monitoring Service Officers are employed directly by Securecorp and are available 24/7. 


Securecorp Monitoring safeguards the assets of 1000s of businesses and homes throughout Australia and New Zealand. We provide monitoring services directly for our customers and through third party integrators.

Our Monitoring Service Officers provide monitoring services via our Grade A1 Monitoring Centre that is ASIAL certified operating non-stop – all day every day.


Our Monitoring Centre maintains redundant systems for continuity of service and a dedicated redundant monitoring facility to ensure continuity of service.

The systems include:

  • Three-phase uninterruptable power supply (“UPS”) protecting the mains power distribution to our Data and Monitoring Centres with battery backup in the event of a mains power loss.
  • On site three-phase generator in the event of an extended mains power interruption or failure. Both the UPS and generator work hand-in-hand to ensure a constant supply of power to our Data and Monitoring Centres.
  • State of the art I.T. infrastructure and monitoring automation software for data security and to facilitate recording and delivery of data.
  • Latest digital telephony system, ensuring system stability, data capture, call routing and recording.
  • All telephone conversations are captured via digital voice recorder and stored in accordance with Australian Standard 2201.2-2004 for verification.

Our monitoring service offers:

  • Tailored Bureau / third party integrator monitoring services 
  • 24/7 security system monitoring by our ASIAL accredited Grade A1 Monitoring Centre
  • Video / CCTV verification services including: Virtual patrol tours, virtual alarm responses and Virtual escort services for lone workers
  • Welfare checks for lone workers or “at risk” personnel 
  • Site attendance verification
  • Dispatching of: 
    • Alarm responses
    • Mobile security patrols
    • Emergency services
  • Automated notifications (if required)
  • Tailored event activity reports able to be sent to multiple recipients
  • Tailored notification options, including automatic SMS and / or email notifications
  • Secure online portal for self-managed review with a full suite of report types

Our transmission mediums include:

PSTN (traditional dialer service) 


Direct Wireless 



IP (e.g. DC09, ArmourIP) 


Our monitoring automation platform intergrates with:









Video / CCTV verification or “Virutalised” services are:

  • Time and cost-effective in comparison to traditional physical patrol solutions
  • No physical access to site required
  • Significantly increases potential response time of emergency services to verified events.
  • Minimises risk to personnel who must attend site “after hours” for any reason
  • Reduces carbon footprint of security operations

Watch the video for more information.

Our easily deployable virtualised services can offer significant cost savings by accessing your existing CCTV infrastructure to replace traditional physical patrol services:

Virtual Patrol

Scheduled into our monitoring automation system so that an alert presents to the Monitoring Centre at the appropriate time for completion, virtual patrol tours are completed by assuming control of your existing CCTV infrastructure and completing ‘virtual tours’ to assess security according to the specific brief developed for your service.

The provision of each virtual patrol tour is recorded within your monitoring account (just like your daily alarm system activity) with daily, weekly, or monthly reporting options available, providing full transparency over the provision of this service.

Virtual Alarm Response

By accessing your existing CCTV infrastructure in the event an alarm, our Monitoring Centre can review the nearby cameras to identify the cause of the activation and coordinate a suitable response. These virtual alarm responses are fast and efficient, and the responses are recorded within your monitoring account (just like your daily alarm system activity) with daily, weekly, or monthly reporting options available, providing full transparency.

Virtual escort service for lone workers

If “after hours” site access is required, our Monitoring Centre can access your existing CCTV infrastructure, and maintain physical contact via phone to “escort” your staff “to and from” their vehicle safely. The virtual escort is recorded in your account. The predetermined area “sweep” and defined travel pathway is also a faster and a cheaper alternative to physical escort patrol services.

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