Alarm Monitoring

SECUREcorp’s enhanced monitoring capability has been accredited by ASIAL as a Grade A1 facility.

SECUREcorp delivers the highest standards of monitoring by combining the most advanced global monitoring technology and a team of highly specialised professionals.

At the first indication of any monitored irregularity, our systems, technology and response teams take immediate action to mitigate the risk to your assets.    Our commitment to ‘Reliability, Integrity and Results’ remains the standard.

Our Monitoring Services offer:

  • Security systems including
    • perimeter surveillance intruder detection,
    • locking systems,
    • emergency exits,
    • air locks,
    • alarms, and
    • fire suppression systems
  • Hold-up and duress personal alarm monitoring and installation
  • Plant or machinery alarm monitoring and installation
  • Access control and installation
  • GPS tracked and in-car terminal patrol response
  • CCTV virtual patrol cars
  • CCTV, alarm, access control, control room installation and maintenance, and
  • Videofied monitoring.

SECUREcorp’s ASIAL accredited Grade A1 monitoring centre has the following facilities and capabilities:

  • Integrated alarm response compliant with Australian Standards
  • Electronically generated reporting (daily, weekly or as required) to stringent Australian Standards
  • Record storage and archive (for up to 5 years)
  • Double and triple system redundancy, including alternative power sources (e.g. generator and UPS)
  • Experienced and professional staff
  • Comprehensive staff training including a recurrent training plan.
  • Our flexible technology platforms allow SECUREcorp to customise a monitoring solution to your needs; yet another way we work with you to keep you informed, in control and protected.


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